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The SIMPLE SHED 7-day Detox

The SIMPLE SHED 7-day Detox







Green Apple





260 calories (with water)

351 calories (with coconut water)

ANYONE can do ANYTHING for seven days! If you're needing to shed a few unwanted pounds or feel sluggish and need the brain fog or bloated belly to diminish, this is the cleanse for you. Fresh, organic produce paired with organic cinnamon make this green smoothie easy on the pallet. Precut and prewashed frozen produce packs to drop into your blender at home. No expensive supplements, no ridiculous hours of cardio. Reach out today for more details. Lowest weight loss: 3 lbs.Allstarweight loss : 11 lbs. Will you become the new Allstar?


**This program brings you 7 freezer bags of prewashed frozen produce that you blend each day, a 32 oz. Mason jar to keep, a Cheat Sheet for the week and a daily text message. PLUS daily check-in texts and 2 recipes at the conclusion of the week to get you safely back into solid food eating (one sweet and one savory) without damaging all your hard work!


SAFE HANDLING INSTRUCTIONS: To prevent illness from bacteria, keep this food frozen until preparing for consumption.”

  • Return Policy

    If you are unsatisfied with the quality of any product; please return any unused portion and packaging to Juic'd and we will replace the product AND refund your money. 
    *Refunds will be issued in the original form of payment or with store credit towards another item of equal value.

  • Separation is Natural!!

    Cold-pressed juices and fresh made smoothies do not go through a pasturization process and WILL SEPERATE!
    Don't panic if your juice or smoothie looks seperated. Separation is natural, give it a good shake "like a polaroid picture" before drinking.

  • The Simple SHED Rules (Cheat Sheet)

    Avoid the "Dirty 3":

    1. PreBoxed and PrePackaged - nothing out of the frozen foods section
    2. Processed Sugars - all the colored packets and standard white sugar
    3. Dairy - Non Dairy Milks are OK; keep at 30 cal or less


    Days 1-5:


    Smoothie@Breakfast (16-18 oz water/coconut wtr)


    Clean Light Lunch (If Hungry)


    Clean Sensible Dinner


    Last 48 Hours: Intermittent Fasting (Typically Saturday and Sunday)

    1. 1/2 of the Smoothie for Breakfast
    2. Drink Water 8-12 hours of the day
    3. 1/2 of the Smoothie for Dinner

    Women Need: 91 oz. water each day

    Men Need: 101 oz. water each day

  • Consumer Advisory

    *Consuming raw produce may increase your risk of foodborne illness. 

  • Fresh Juice Shelf Life

    Fresh Juice can survive in the fridge no longer than 6 days. Do NOT Freeze your fresh juices or smoothies, please. 
    You get the MOST nutritinal value when consuming your juice as close to the juiced date (located atop each cap). Best if consumed within 3 days of juiced date. Least amount of nutrition the longer it sits in the fridge.

    **This program brings you 7 freezer bags of prewashed frozen produce that you blend each day.

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