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Foods that Benefit Your Body

We always hear "eat this particular food item for this ailment or issue". However, is there really a method to all the chatter?

Let's explore a few health benefits to some basic produce that can be found at your local grocer:

IMMUNE BOOSTERS: During cold an flu season (and add in COVID19 also), there's been a huge rise in people asking "how can I get ahead of this, how can I treat this at home and how can I be PRO Active to ensure I don't get sick..." Most immune boosting produce can be found right at your local grocer or produce market.

Citrus Fruits (Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemons, Limes...), Spinach, Ginger, Broccoli, Garlic, Red Peppers, Berries & Almonds


Citrus fruits are rich in flavonoids that have anti-cancer properties, high in Vitamin C, folate and potassium. Diets high in Vitamin C can fight off colds & infections much easier than those without.

Spinach is great for eye sight, reduces asthma and hypertension, boosts immunity, prevents damage to brain and nervous system, prevents sun damage to the skin, prevents kidney disease, has anti-inflammatory properties and is a natural muscle relaxant!

Ginger: Helps with digestion and relieves nausea, improves cholesterol levels, has anti-inflammatory properties and lowers blood sugar.

Broccoli: Bolsters the immune system, reduces inflammation, helps detoxify the body, keeps bones sturdier, reduces the risk of breast cancer, lowers risk of Chron's Disease, protects against air pollution, helps fight over-eating and heart disease.

Garlic: Blood clot activator, boost metabolism, rejuvenates skin, assists with raspatory illnesses, dementia diverter, relieves stress and fatigue, assist with detoxing the body and helps cure athletes foot, as well as being an anti inflammatory and an effective painkiller!

Red Peppers: 1 Bell Pepper has more than 100% of your daily Vitamin C needs. 30 Calories, 0 Fat, and a great source of fiber. Red, Orange & Yellow bell peppers contain Lycopene (prevents prostate cancer). They contain Vitamins A, B9 and minerals your body needs to reduce redness and swelling, support healthy blood circulation and function as an antioxidant.

Berries: Acai may aid in weight loss as it is high in antioxidants. Blackberries promote collagen production in the skin an reduce the risk of Alzheimer's. Blueberries improve memory and cognitive function. They also lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Cranberries reduce the risk of and help to treat UITs and stomach ulcers. They promote cardiovascular health and protect the liver! Raspberries prevent yeast infection and reduce symptoms of IBS. Raspberries also protect against vision loss brought on by aging. Strawberries reduce the risk of Type II diabetes by regulating blood sugar and decrease intestinal inflammation.

Almonds: Great source of Magnesium, Copper Manganese and B Vitamins. They are high in antioxidant Vitamin E (protects your skin's collagen helping you look younger longer). Shown to aid in weight loss and are a 6 grams of protein per ounce!

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