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A Bit About Juic'd

2005: I began a new job at an up and coming firm in Dallas, TX.

2006: I had my first son.

2007: I married my son's father and we were an AMAZING tag team, if I do say so myself! Life seemed to be as close to perfect as I could make it.

2009: We had our second son.

2011: Would be a year I'd never forget. My whole world turned upside down with the words "Mr. Garcia, your biopsy shows you have Esophageal Cancer".

My husband, my best friend, my confident... my person may not make it much longer. It took me a while to comprehend the words the doctor had just pronounced over us.

Our 10 month journey with a race against the clock and fight against cancer was such a whirlwind of what, at times, seemed to be a blur of a nanosecond, yet time also stood still as we waited for paperwork to be approved, doctors to recommend treatments and medical teams to suggest their best plan of attack.

After coming to my senses, I began learning all I could about cancer: what feeds it, what kills it and if there were ANY other options outside of the dreaded chemo and radiation that I had heard some non-pleasantries about. By the middle of our 10 month battle, I could have had an honorary RN; as I would fill in medical staff on the past treatment duration and any side effects that arose. I also learned that what our insurance covered as far as "nutrition" for his feeding tube was in-fact FEEDING the very thing we were all working so feverishly to destroy! In the wee hours of the night, I came across some older books and documents online that spoke of the benefits of utilizing REAL foods, herbs and minerals as relief to several ailments we face on a daily basis.

I asked if we could juice some REAL foods and use this as nutrition through the feeding tube rather than the garbage our insurance was dropping off weekly on our doorstep. APPROVED! As the time passed, we began to see some benefits from juicing when his bloodwork and other test results would come back in. Tumor had stopped growing, no longer spreading to other vital organs and his recovery time from chemotherapy was drastically shorter than some of his "treatment buddies". Our children had also began drinking some of "Daddy's Juices" and still do today when they feel under the weather, need to cut weight for an important wrestling match... or even when they have a headache!

Unfortunately, the cancer was too far spread by the time we learned this knowledge and my husband passed away in May of 2012. The boys and I have continued to keep juicing a standard part of our lifestyle and interestingly enough, my children have less missed days from school, less trips to the doctor for illness and overall have a higher standard health report than their school aged counterparts! (This has been a HUGE blessing to our family during this past year with COVID19 running a muck throughout the world!)

After saying "see you later" to Mi Amor for the last time this side of Heaven, I took some time to get myself back in order; as I had become overweight and under nourished with the fast foods I could grab between working odd hours and sitting at the cancer treatment centers/hospitals for days without end.

2013: The boys and I moved away from the last home we shared with their father. I was on a mission to regain my own health and decrease the risks of my sons chances of hearing those same words their father had to endure. The biopsy was sent away to Canada for testing and had concluded that his cancer was genetic, not environmental. This made my mission so much more intensive!

2014: I had a wonderful business friend that kept encouraging me to take my newfound knowledge of the nutrition world and make something of it. He sat me down in his office and told me: "You're not leaving my office until you buy this business name..." I surrendered my fears, and then the paperwork sat in my bedside table, almost forgotten.

2019: Rumors of the firm I had worked at for the past 13 years (alongside my husband for 6.5 of those years) circled that we were going to be "bought out" and "we need to have a Plan B...just in case the new bigger company lets us go". Immediately, I found parts of these rumors to be truth and my mind circled back to the THING that had laid dormant in my bedside table for years. I began working on the free/cheap parts (social media, business cards and free trial versions of website building software) in my spare time and having my best friends be taste testers. I became a weekend warrior of sorts and would only promote to my gym/lifting buddies as well as my coworker friends. Slowly, this became my norm and all money earned from friends would be dropped into the business account.


March 2020: The books were closed on the old firm, the big company had made their cuts and I was ready for Spring Break in Mexico with my children! I was also ready to go full time with Juic'd. I was NOT prepared for COVID19 to smash the world as it has. However, with so many companies closing their doors, I am blessed to say that Juic'd has continued to grow and mature in a way I would have never dreamed. This pandemic may have been a halt in time for us in many ways, yet it's proven to shed light on something Americans tend to pay little attention to on a daily basis - our health!

I couldn't do this without the continued support of my clients and their honest opinions on my creations, my children pushing me to be my best daily and God at the stern as well as the navigational beacon that keeps me striving towards this calling of helping others with their health and overall wellness.

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